Don't Be Caught Off Guard with Employee Turnover

The Knowledge Box Powered by People Model Canvas (PMC) has everything you need to effectively retain talent

Are you truly confident you know who your top performers are?

Let’s be real – there’s often a bit of doubt. Most companies rely on performance reviews, but these can be highly subjective. One manager might be tougher than another, leading to inconsistent assessments.

Data-Driven Identification

Our software powered by PMC takes the guesswork out of identifying your star players by providing objective, quantifiable metrics based on multiple factors beyond standard performance reviews.

Ready to Eliminate Uncertainty?

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Ever had a key employee give notice out of the blue?

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Imagine having an early warning system for your talent. Our software powered by PMC uses predictive analytics to give you a heads-up on who might be looking to leave – based on data, not just a hunch. This gives you the TIME to act.

Be Proactive, Not Reactive

With our intuitive dashboard, you’ll see insights like “Flight Risk” indicators, allowing you to take proactive measures. Whether it’s a targeted development plan or a simple conversation, you’ll be equipped to retain your key employees.

Want to Get Ahead of the Turnover Curve?

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Preserve Your Company’s Hard-Won Knowledge

When someone leaves, it’s not just about filling their position. All the valuable knowledge they take with them can be a huge setback.

Preserve your knowledge

The Knowledge Bank’s solutions help track where critical knowledge resides within the organisation, facilitating mentorship and knowledge transfer plans to reduce the impact of any departures.

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Protect Your Bottom Line with Proactive Retention

Replacing a top employee can easily cost £30,000 or more. For some roles, it could be double that. This is money down the drain, and it doesn’t even account for the time lost while you fill that position. It’s a huge hit to your bottom line.

How we address the Pain of High Turnover Costs

Our software powered by PMC will identify key talent through data analysis and implement a risk management plan to retain employees, saving significant costs and preserving knowledge.

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Make Smarter Decisions with Data-Driven HR Insights

In HR, we all have to make a lot of judgment calls. Sometimes, you rely on a gut feeling about a situation. But when it comes to keeping your best people, is a gut feeling enough?

From Gut-Feeling Decision Making to Proactive Risk Assessment

By understanding the specific reasons why top talent might be at risk, you can tailor incentives, development programmes, and engagement initiatives to meet their unique needs.

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I worked with Pete on one of the UK’s largest transformational programmes where Pete’s help was invaluable. He can manage multiple stakeholders often with conflicting interests and still deliver the results for the business. His approach brings calmness and common sense and takes into consideration all aspects of the situation and operates with integrity. I would gladly work with Pete again.

A. Roe

Peter headed the HR workstream and handled some extremely sensitive union negotiations for me on a major rationalisation programme for a significant UK company. It had the potential to go very wrong, but Peter soon gained the confidence of all stakeholders and engineered an excellent outcome for all concerned. He is a consummate HR professional; I would not hesitate to use him in the future and would highly recommend his work.

S. Patten
Cork, Ireland

I have known Pete for several years and worked closely with him whilst restructuring the management team and processes at leading online retailer’s two-man business. What struck me the most about Pete was his colleagic style and his impressive operational knowledge of the logistics business, which I found quite unique from an HR professional. 

G. Newbury
Toronto, Canada

Protect Your Bottom Line with Proactive Retention