The Knowledge Bank, who are we?

A fair question. As the name conjures up a picture of a large imposing building where one stores things of value. In this case the collective knowledge of individuals and legal entities for safe keeping. As with a traditional financial institution clients expect there to be a relationship based upon trust, openness, transparency, 2-way communication and most importantly security.

The key asset of any business is the knowledge and experience of its employees.

Any Organisational Development, whether Capital or Human, will have impact on other areas of the business. Consequently, we structure our service provision for your unique needs.

If you are a start-up, small family company or a medium to larger entity you need a people knowledge and experience strategy and plan which will make the difference between stagnation and success. The Knowledge Bank has wide experience across a range of business sectors making it ideal to identify people related challenges and design, implement, and monitor plans and actions.

The Knowledge Bank can easily and quickly access appropriate people management resources. Our understanding of your need to ensure a seamless transition in leadership and service delivery through our wide pool of demonstrably successful Senior Managers and Executives. The Knowledge Bank offers clients a wide range of services across Private, Public and not for profit sectors. Our alumni of ambassadors have experience in activities ranging from Retail to Sales and Marketing to Logistics to Manufacturing and Public Service provision.

Our services include:

Identify the key 5% of influencers within the organisation.

Helping Entrepreneurs, Small Business owners, SMEs, and those without a HR function.

Framework to optimise your people activities.