The Knowledge Box

For Entrepreneurs, small business owners, SMEs and those organisations which do not have the means to have a dedicated Human Resources function, we have created the Knowledge Box.

Inside the box you will find the tools to create a functioning HR Department.

The six sides of the box are used in conjunction with each other, in partnership or singularly. The decision is in the hands of the business owner. The Knowledge Bank Ambassadors will provide guidance and advice as we help you become self-sufficient in the dark arts of HR.

“Think inside the Box”

The Knowledge Box Components

General Expectations Profile

With your input we help design the criteria specific to your needs, to distinguish between separate roles. Together we will create your job families, their specific activity, desired behaviours and relativities to each other.

Talent Framework

Our 5i Approach identifies the key influencers within your business. The Talent Framework ensures we identify your talent for retention, development and promotion purposes. This is done through an objective approach involving both the manager and employee.

Potential Framework

Working in conjunction with the Talent Framework, together we will develop the Potential Framework best suited for your company.

Performance Framework

How do you ensure your employees have the necessary skills, capability, and expertise to undertake the demands you place upon them. A purpose-built framework allows everyone to be set up for success.

Competency Framework

You may have a superb product, with dedicated employees. However, if not everyone is living your vision, goals and culture your overall performance will suffer. Again, with the help and guidance of our Ambassadors we will develop a Performance Framework which is right for your business.

Reward and Benefits Matrix

This element of the box is likely to be the most important. It links to all the other elements, as ultimately, everyone wants to be remunerated fairly against their peers and the general employment market. Together we will ensure that the relativities between the various internal job families will be maintained in their remuneration packages. And through our partners we will be able to gain an understanding of the relative market remunerations.

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